Set back off of bustling Montgomery Road, passersby could easily overlook the creamy oasis that is Walker Bros. Ice Cream.  Named after the four sons in the owners' family, the walk-up ice cream parlour prides itself on only selling treats taste-tested and approved by each of the brothers: Zach, Kyle, Alex, and Sean.

Once spotted, the bright yellow cottage is hard to miss. In true Montgomery fashion, it may just be the classiest and most sophisticated creamy whip in Cincinnati. The vast outdoor patio is floored with brick pavers, umbrella-covered patio tables, and a garden trellis. The building itself brings back summertime memories of visiting a beach house. It's also one of the newest creamy whips of the tri-state, opening in 2012.

There's a well-organized, handwritten list of food to choose from, including specialty treats like slushes with ice cream or chocolate covered bananas. Walker Bros. is known for four things:
1.) a weekly rotating soft serve flavor which ranges from blueberry to black raspberry to pineapple.
2.) creature creation ice creams, where soft serve and toppings are used to model the dessert into characters or objects
3.) gourmet sundaes with fruit and topping combinations unique to Montgomery
4.) Wipeouts - toppings blended in to thick ice cream, served in cup with spoon

What's extra special about the soft serve is that you can make the weekly flavor a "twist" by swirling it with vanilla soft serve. Of course, you can also get the weekly flavor with a hard coated shell (the black raspberry with chocolate shell is amazing!)

Not sure what creature creation to order? Check out the wall of pictures just to the right of the order window. Choose from a penguin or soccer ball made out of vanilla soft serve and Oreos, a monkey made from chocolate and Nilla Wafers, Cookie Monster made of blue ice cream with a whole chocolate chip cookie in its mouth, or a ninja made with vanilla, cherry dip top and candies. New for this year is the The Bear Sundae, in honor of the wild bear on the loose in the East Side. It comes with chocolate ice cream, Oreos, Nilla Wafers and fudge.

Just when we thought our waistline was finished expanding, we discovered the sundae list, with mountainous ice cream concoctions such as, Blueberry Hill, Coconut Sensation, and Snickers Grand Slam.

Of course, each of the sons have invented their own "Son-dae":

Zach Attack: vanilla soft serve with M&Ms, peanut butter, and fudge
Apples a la Alex: vanilla soft serve with warm cinnamon apples, pie crust and whipped cream
Kyle's Kool Kup: soft serve with a cone hat, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a candy smiley face
Sean's Gimme S'more: vanilla soft serve with marshmallow, grahams, and fudge

Walker Bros. Ice Cream is located in Montgomery at:
9425 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, OH 45242