Summertime is primed for ice cream, and lucky for us, Cincinnati is home to a plethora of dairy delights. Our first treat of the year occurred early in the season: the beginning of April. A West Side novice, our introduction to Delhi Chili also became our first visit to Sweets N' Eats, which is located next door. Could you ask for a better combination: chili and ice cream?

As per Creamy Whip protocol, each business has a signature dish. For Sweets N' Eats, that was the Blue hard-shell topping. If you've grown up in Cincinnati, "Blue" is as serious a flavor as chocolate or cookies n' cream. Blue isn't cotton candy, bubble gum, blueberry, or blue raspberry flavored; it's a unique mixture of sugar and happiness, wrapped in a vibrant turquoise color. Naturally, I had to order this specialty Blue topping to cover my vanilla soft serve. It delivered as promised: a crunchy Blue coating and simple vanilla ice cream.

Sweets N' Eats is located in Delhi at:
4719 Delhi Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238.