For 15 years, hot air balloonists have been congregating at Coney Island on July 3rd to light up skies in a unique way. Dozens of 99,000 square foot canvas lay spread across Moonlight Mall, inflated one at a time using a large fuel-powered box fan and propane burners, which blast 2-3 megawatts of heat to lift the balloon. In comparison, that's a force equivalent to powering one diesel locomotive or three P-51 fighter aircrafts.

This balloon was my aesthetic favorite!

Igniting in intervals, the balloons inflated at dusk then intermittently lit their burners to create a fascinating glow show, illuminating the rainbow of patterns in the different canvases. Some were lit in patriotic red, white and blue, while others used vibrant blues and greens, bold stripes, or even one balloon that resembled a golf ball.

Difference between sedentary and glowing (below)

After the hour-long show, Rozzi's Fireworks kept skies bright with their dazzling fireworks display over Lake Como, located at the entrance to Coney Island. Not only were people watching from the park, but folks had pulled into the grass alongside Kellogg Avenue and stopped on the 275 exit ramp to catch a glimpse of the spectacle.

A gorgeous way to kick off the Independence Day weekend, Coney Island Balloon Glow continues to impress and awe with this hometown tradition.