Tucked away near the Indiana border along the Great Miami River is a hamlet of 18 square miles known as Hooven. This rural river town may only have 534 residents, but it advertises its big pride and joy for miles around: Ice Box Dairy Bar. You'll see signs for it as soon as you exit from I-74 with its signature blue and white cone. A journey from the highway, there are plenty more giant cone indicators along the route to make sure you don't pass by this creamy delight.

A modern-looking establishment which sits back off the road behind Kroger, Ice Box has been around for a few years and brings with it the modern amenities of a newer creamy whip. An easy drive thru with full menu lets you grab some sweets without even leaving your car -- I've heard this is ideal for families with small children (or pretty much anyone on a sweltering summer day). There are plenty of clean picnic tables to eat at under the shaded awning, complete with ceiling fans. In addition, there is a giant bouncy castle (for kids) and a giant car wash (for adults). That's right, you can get your ice cream and hose down your car in one stop!


Although, my favorite detail may have been the portaloos, designated with "His and Hers" ice cream cones.

While there is plenty to choose from on the menu, everything is well organized and easy to read. I opted for a Nutella and strawberry flurry with buckeyes mixed in. Yep, you can get more than one topping mixed into your ice cream. It was mmmm-mazing!

Traditional treats include soft serve cones, which are offered in 18 flavors ranging from black cherry and mocha cappuccino, to butter pecan or pineapple. There are also nearly 30 toppings you can add to your cone or milkshake, such as rainbow sprinkles, fruit, or candies. You can even get a slushie and add ice cream to it!

Look at the size of those sundaes and cones!

In addition to soft serve, Ice Box cooks up food for a quick bite. Cheese conies, BLT sandwiches, fried pickles, soft pretzels, and patty melt cheeseburgers are just some of the savory items on the menu, perfect if you're visiting hungry or with a person who doesn't like sweets.

It may be a far drive for some to reach Hooven and Ice Box, but it's totally worth the miles. I'll be back again this summer.

Ice Box Dairy Bar is located at:
4141 Ohio 128, Cleves, OH 45002

Greenhills Creamy Whip is located at
15 Eswin Street, Greenhills, Ohio 45218 - See more at:
Greenhills Creamy Whip is located at
15 Eswin Street, Greenhills, Ohio 45218 - See more at: