Making its rounds through social media is the new website, Unroll.me, which greets users with one relatable message: Let us help you clean up your inbox. A universal problem, people are trying everything to keep order in their inbox, from sorting subscriptions into folders to setting up a separate email account for coupons. Sometimes, those subscriptions slip through the cracks and when you think you've unsubscribed from one, two new solicitations show up.

As a savvy shopper, I find myself combing through about 20 advertisements a day, whether it be for Groupon offers, newsletters, or a clothing sale, so I decided to give Unroll.me a try. It's straightforward. Put in your email address, it reads your subscriptions, then populates a list of sites you are enrolled in. It discovered 127 subscriptions in my inbox - about four times the amount I remember signing up for.  With a click of one button, I reduced my subscriptions to 45. That's right - no pop-up browser wanting you to fill out a questionnaire on why you're unsubscribing, no validating your email address, just one click and the spam is gone!

Unroll.me also has as feature called Rollup, where you can select certain subscriptions to be emailed to you in a daily digest. This is a great tool if you find your inbox cluttered with newsletters but don't want to miss any of the content.

The icing on the cake is Unroll.me Awards, which features the Top 10 most unsubscribed (spam) and the Top 10 Rolledup (clutter that's still worth a read). Leading the list:

Top Unsubscribes: 1800Flowers, TicketWeb, and ProFlowers each averaging around a 50% unsubscribe rate

Most Rolledup: Hulu, AmazonLocal, and GoDaddy

If you're looking to clean up your inbox in one easy step, definitely give Unroll.me a try!