The Shop Local movement was strong this year, as I was gifted with more from small businesses than any year prior. Here's what was in my haul:

1.) Letterpress Notebooks and Cincinnati Stamps

One of my favorite gifts this year was from my friend Maureen, who stealthily read my post about Crafty Supermarket, noting that I admired a few items from Steam Whistle Letterpress. Off to the shop she went to secure the goods, including a set of CincyWhimsy notebooks emblazoned with the #WhimsyWorthy hashtag. She even had them made in my favorite color: purple.

2.) Bouquet of Christmas Flowers

Nothing is more delightful than being surprised by the boyfriend with a bright bouquet from the local florist. An added touch came with the Cincinnati-themed greeting card and heartfelt message inside.

3.) Handmade Knitwear

Of course, it doesn't get anymore locally-sourced than when a friend sends you something she knitted herself. Jess made a pair of cozy fingerless gloves and wrapped them in a knit bag that she also crafted, all which made the long journey from Boston.

4.) From The Amish

Even my parents shopped local - at the nearby Amish market. Homemade apple butter, cashew brittle, and handwoven brillowpads.

5.) Laundry Quarters

If your loved one uses a communal laundry room, a small box of "jingle bells" is a creative way to help keep their clothes fresh and clean long after the holidays.

6.) Bedazzling Necklace

All the giver indulged on this one was that it came from "one of those boutiques in Hyde Park." Jewelry that twinkles is always a good choice for a lady, especially when its in her favorite color.

7.) Aglamesis Chocolates

Since I was a wee Paige, Christmas tradition included getting a sack of nonpareils as a stocking stuffer. This year, the sweet from Aglamesis came wrapped in a chocolate basket too.

8.) Gifts of Unknown Origins

Some of the adorable, softest gifts of the season may or may not be from local retailers. When you're like Mom, and go Christmas shopping in August (or in some cases, March), specific stores slip your memory. Regardless of their origin, I couldn't be happier with a new dishtowel set and socks from winter, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day.