In 1938, a new assistant surgeon, Paul Hoxworth, came up with the idea for a community blood center to supply citizens of Cincinnati with transfusions while they were in the hospital. Along side his wife and three staff members, Hoxworth collected 3,400 blood donations in their first year. Seventy-five years later, the nation's second blood center employs over 289 people and provides 300,000 blood components to patients at more than 30 hospitals in three states.

In celebration of this milestone birthday, Hoxworth Blood Center hosted a party for the public to attend on Fountain Square. Hot chocolate, KIND snacks, games and prizes, the festivities highlighted the landmark occasion. One game included tossing a ball through a cut out hole marked with your blood type. I made it on the first try and won an adorable Hoxworth bear!


In the season of giving, consider making one of the following donations to Hoxworth:

Blood: takes 10 minutes, can give again every 8 weeks
Platelets: takes 2 hours, can give again every 2 weeks
Platelets and Plasma: takes 2 hours and is collected simultaneously, can give again every 2 weeks