Over-The-Rhine printer, AllScreen, designed a new tee shirt in support of the Cincinnati Streetcar. In October, the city revealed images of the official streetcar vehicle, which is being manufactured by CAF USA in Elmira, New York. In addition to modern aesthetics, the streetcar will be the most advanced in the United States. All of the stops will feature curb-level boarding, meaning people with wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, or other mobility impairments can enter and exit the streetcar independently, without a ramp or driver assistance. This unique build was incorporated into the updated graphic, which in addition to the shirts, is being used by the city on all their streetcar-related advertising.

The previous style of streetcar tee shirts were sold at Park + Vine and MiCA 12/v. It featured a generic streetcar symbol, which has been used by the city to promote the project over the past four years. While the new shirts have yet to be stocked at these retailers, shoppers can pick one up in a variety of colors (and both men's and women's sizes) at AllScreen's storefront at 1218 Race Street, across from Washington Park.

2009 streetcar shirt design

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