Throughout the season, I've heard talk about Kentucky fall foliage rivaling the views one can find in New England. Having went leafpeeping in Boston last fall, I decided to check out a park close to home to see how it compared.

An urban oasis resting high above the hills in Covington, the winding roads of Devou Park transport visitors out of the city and into the serenity of nature. The main landmarks include the Drees Pavilion scenic overlook and the Devou Park Golf Course, both of which are surrounded with a burst of colors. Leafpeeping in Devou can be explored by car or on foot. A single lane road slowly wraps around the park creating Sunday afternoon drive nostalgia. There are also an assortment of hiking and bike trails for all experience levels.

Foliage canopies, woods in the distance, sitting under a Red Oak for a picnic, or going for a leap in a leaf pile; all of these are possible right here, just south of the Ohio River. With bursts of yellows, oranges, and breathtaking reds, Northern Kentucky provides a close-to-home spectacle of the East Coast leafpeeping season.