Over 1,100 people stepped in front of the lens to be part of Inside Out, the latest exhibit to open at Contemporary Arts Center.

Showcased are the works of French artist JR, who creates art for a variety of public spaces. His themes focus on people standing up for what they care about by postering black & white portraits of the community upon city surfaces. Cincinnatians were encouraged to become part of this international art project by visiting the Inside Out photography van, which operates like a mobile photobooth. Hundreds lined up each day to take part in the free project, with faces both young and old, and varying economic and lifestyle backgrounds.

Some pictures needed a redo.

Inspired by JR’s street pastings, Inside Out provides a global platform for people to transform their personal passion into public art. Participants in Cincinnati had their portraits displayed at the Contemporary Arts Center and at Fountain Square. In addition to being pasted on the street, images are also added to the online album, consisting of over 120,000 people from more than 108 countries.

Inside Out runs through February at the Contemporary Arts Center. The public display on Fountain Square will be up through the end of October.