Broadway season kicked off Tuesday night at The Aronoff with Ghost: The Musical. Based on the 1990 romantic drama film, the live adaptation is new to the theatrical scene after opening in Manchester in 2011.

As someone who had not watched the movie, the musical version was easy to follow without prior knowledge of the plot. The story revolves around two lovers in New York City: Sam, an executive banker, and Molly, a bohemian artist. On their way home, the couple is attacked and Sam is killed. Caught in purgatory after his death, Sam learns that Molly is in danger and connects with psychic Oda Mae Brown to warn her.

Photo Credit: Broadway Across America

Flashes and flare throughout the production gives Ghost a modern edge over traditional, long-running musicals. Digital backdrops and illusions of the eye make the show a multi-sensory experience, leaving the audience wondering, "How did they do that?" Optical magic happens throughout the show, including Sam walking through a closed door, objects flying off the shelves, or a piece of paper folding itself.

My favorite song was "More" which involved the ensemble's portrayal of the bustling Financial District; a juxtaposition of dancing suits. There were also two scenes where Sam interacted with a ghost on the subway. I was astonished how the digital set created train cars that the actors could board and also made it look like it was moving at full-speed along the rails.

Photo Credit: Broadway Across America

For those who have seen the movie, you may recall that Oda Mae Brown was originally portrayed by Whoopie Goldberg. While these are some epic shoes to fill, the musical's actress, Carla R. Stewart, stole the show. Her over-the-top performance and raw, soulful vocals create the favorite character that heightens the entertainment in a Broadway show.

Photo Credit: Broadway Across America

Whether or not you remember the movie, Ghost: The Musical impresses with a fresh, tech-savvy showcase of Broadway.

Ghost: The Musical runs through October 6 at The Aronoff.