Any place with a clever name gets people to stop by, which is exactly what drew me to Hold The Nuts! on a recent trip to Silverton. A walk-up, hole-in-the-wall creamy whip, Hold The Nuts! is located next to Italianette Pizza and run by the same folks. As I approached the window, a sign read: "To order ice cream, go to the Italianette." The clerk inside the restaurant called for the manager, who met me back over at the Hold The Nuts! window. Odd, but that's the charm of a small town ice creamery.

I kept it simple and went with a peanut butter dip top . I was handed a huge cone that only cost $2.00. Elsewhere, I've paid $2.75 or more. They also had Flavor Bursts, slushies with ice cream, and a large selection of shakes and Frost Bites (their version of a Dairy Queen Blizzard.) An ordinary but fun specialty is their selection of giant freeze popsicles, the kind in the long tube everyone enjoyed during childhood on a hot summer day.

Hold The Nuts! is located at:
6918 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236