On a winding, rural stretch of Route 32, I crossed the tracks to discover Burger's Ice Cream Trolley, a Newtown staple creating soft serve from a streetcar. Located at Burger's Farm, a family-owned garden center since 1904, the bright red venue certainly catches the eye along the country side. With a vast parking lot and scenic farm surroundings, the transit-themed creamy whip may be the most unique ice cream location visited all summer.


The menu is simple and can be read in the parking lot, preventing a clustered gathering at the trolley window. Burger's offers a few unique sundae options such as a Twinkie Sundae or the Haystacker: brownie topped with ice cream, marshmallow, and peanut butter cups. They also feature fruit slushes with ice cream, frozen bananas covered in chocolate and sprinkles, as well as soft serve cones with candy faces for the kids.  Another special feature are the parfaits, which include farm-fresh fruit layered with ice cream.

I opted for a Flavor Burst cone with Cincinnati's infamous "blue" flavored soft serve swirled with vanilla. My cone melted quicker than usual, but it was still pretty tasty. Next time, I'll opt for one of the treats served in a cup.

With many options to choo-choo-choose from, Burger's Ice Cream Trolley is too adorable to pass up when driving through the East Side.

Burger's Ice Cream Trolley is located at:
7849 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45244