Brick by brick, a new version of Music Hall was constructed over the past eight months. Made entirely out of LEGO pieces, model builder Mark Clark erected a built-to-scale model out of over 100,000 plastic building blocks. Encompassing every detail of the Cincinnati landmark, the mini Music Hall is 1/50 of the actual size and measures 42 inches high, 100 inches wide, and 106 inches deep.

Clark gathered most of his materials from standard LEGO sets, and only had to special order 10% unique parts for the build. Some of the details included 310 windows and 960 seats in Springer Auditorium. As the model is built to reflect Music Hall's heyday in the late 1800s, Clark included the Miami-Erie Canal in the rear of the building, which consisted of over 10,000 transparent blue dots.

Like every LEGO creation, there are hidden details in the project that will make you smile. Look for a skeleton under the stage in the auditorium. One may also spot a ghost riding the infamous haunted freight elevator.

Visitors can view the model in the foyer of Music Hall for free from 10:00am to 6:30pm. The display will be on exhibit through Friday, August 9.