From the early days of transit, buses have been a fixture in Cincinnati since 1926. For over 80 years, a private company, Cincinnati Street Railway, managed our city's transportation services until technologically advancements of the early 1970s took buses on a different route. In order to facilitate improvements, the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) and the City of Cincinnati partnered to form Cincinnati Metro, a publicly owned and operated transit management organization. Since 1973, Metro has been riding the roads to success.

Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Metro

In honor of their 40th Anniversary, Cincinnati Metro hosted a celebration on Fountain Square. Cincinnati Transit Historical Society displayed their vintage Cincinnati Street Railway bus alongside three modern Metro buses for the public to tour.


Joined by other local organizations, Metro-themed prizes were handed out for participating in a spin-the-wheel game, ranging from pens, to tote bags, and even a miniature Metro bus.  Mascots from community organizations were present as well, including Buddy from Hoxworth Blood Center, Binny from Rumpke, and Red the Cincinnati Library mascot. (I think they should've named the library mascot Paige, you know, for books, but that would've been too punny.)

Photo courtesy of Queen City Bike

Paige Red and Binny

Earlier this year, Metro reached out to followers on social media to send in their favorite stories while riding the bus. One special story which touched everyone's hearts was that of the Settlemoirs, who met on the bus in 1973 during Metro's first year of service. Celebrating their 40th Anniversary as well, the couple renewed their wedding vows on Fountain Square by an officiant who was none other than a Metro bus driver.

Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Metro
Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Metro

Many exciting new improvements are coming to Metro in the next month. Check out their Facebook page and stayed tuned as for what's to come.