The official name of this Greenhills establishment is called "The Creamy Whip," as in the ultimate leader of soft serve. I'd say it's a suiting title after experiencing the delights of their flavors.

The Creamy Whip has one of the most organized hand-written menu displays in the city. If you're like me and like to read everything before ordering, you'll understand why this is important. Everything is categorized so you can go right to the section of what you're craving and pick a flavor.

Four items earned this whip a gold star:

1.) Strawberry Blueberry twisted soft serve
2.) Dole Whip soft serve
3.) Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate or cherry
4.) Cheesecake on a stick

Where else besides the State Fair can you find those last two items? Now I can indulge with frozen calories on a stick throughout the entire summer!

My berry twist cone was fruity and still filled my creamy desire of soft serve. My friend's Dole Whip tasted like fresh pineapples and is also gluten free and dairy free. It's a perfect treat for those with a sensitive stomach.

Strawberry / Blueberry twist

Dole Whip: tastes like fresh pineapples

The Creamy Whip has both the traditional walk-up window with patio plus an inside dining room; a rare find amongst creamy whips.  With so many unique features, I wish this location was closer to my neighborhood. Perhaps now we'll have a reason to visit Winton Woods more often.

Greenhills Creamy Whip is located at
15 Eswin Street, Greenhills, Ohio 45218