The go-to treat for celebrating a birth is the obligatory cake, or in some cases, a birthday pie. Lucky for me, my friend Maureen introduced me to a third option: birthday donuts.

The surprise began with a non-descript white box sitting on the counter. My first thought: "Great. An entire cake for me to eat." Sure, cake is tasty, but not when there's expectations involved. Upon lifting the lid, this is what I found:

A giant box of donuts. Mind you, these were not just any donuts. These were the coveted Holtman's Donuts. Something delectable is happening in the bakery that originated in Loveland. Fluffy, generously frosted and uniquely flavored donuts of every shape and size are being cranked out of their kitchen. Ever since word spread of Holtman's opening a shop at 13th and Vine Street in OTR this August, these donuts have become a sought-after jewel for urban dwellers.

I certainly tasted what I had been missing. Out of the gigantic box, my favorite was the lemon jelly (which is my favorite flavor from any donut shop.) The iced donuts with sprinkles were a classic second. The maple frosted donut and coconut frosted donut were both welcome additions, as was the rectangular Boston Cream.

Friends, next time, when faced with the choice of a birthday cake; remember the breakfast-friendly alternative: Holtman's Donuts. It's a variety of sharable sweets that's the gift which keeps on giving!