The annual Butterfly Show is one of the most anticipated events at Krohn Conservatory. This year's exhibit, Butterflies of Morocco, will make your inner child flutter with delight.

Despite all these years living in Cincinnati, this was the first time I'd ever been to a Butterfly Show...I'll definitely be coming back again! More than gorgeous flowers and the winged beauties; this exhibit allows everyone to act youthful again as guests chase after and try to catch the butterflies. It's carefree entertainment at its finest.

I quickly learned that if you wear bright colored clothing, it increases your odds of a butterfly landing on you. I hit the jackpot, as this little friend clung onto me throughout the night.

The boyfriend, the babe, and the butterfly.
An attempt to release the butterfly from my skirt led to an attaching to Paul.
...then one landed in my flower.

With creatures bright and bold, hundreds of butterflies soar through the main greenhouse of Krohn. Each doorway is transformed into a "decontamination room" where staff checks to see if any landed on you before entering an adjoining exhibit.

This terrifying, gigantic Atlas Moth is also on exhibit, thankfully, in a cage. With a wingspan of nearly 12 inches, the insect has also adapted its wings to resemble snake heads as a defense tactic. Scared yet? Don't be. The Atlas Moth has no mouth and doesn't even eat for the 2-week duration of its adult life. Instead, it feeds off of fat it built up as a caterpillar. Seems kind of cute now, right?

Free-spirited fun for ages 1 to 91, Butterflies of Morocco runs through June 30 at Krohn Conservatory, and is open daily from 10:00AM - 5:00PM. Cost: $7.00 adults, $4.00 children