My all-time favorite food festival in Cincinnati takes place this weekend at The Banks. In its fourth year, Asian Food Fest celebrates the wealth of Eastern culture in the tri-state highlighting local Asian restaurants and entertainers.

Vendors come from a variety of backgrounds: Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian and more. Food is very reasonably priced from $2.00 - $6.00, most averaging around $3.00 - $4.00 for a featured item.. Each dish is unique to the culture, so you won't find many repeats from booth to booth. The portion sizes are just perfect: you get just enough food to enjoy and still have room to sample several more.

I sampled a little bit of everything, and decided on these Top 5 eats that are a must have at Asian Food Fest:

#1: Asian Corn Dog - Quán Hapa

Served with a side of shrimp rice chips

#2: Taro Bubble Tea - Tea N' Bowl
It tastes like cookies n' cream!

#3: Eight Spice Ribs, Honey Tamarind Margarita - Huit Asiatique


#4: Thai Milk Tea - Budina

#5: Kook Kik Noodles, Wontons, Spring Roll - Budina 

One of my favorite summertime treats set up shop at the festival too: Streetpops! Owner Sara Bornick crafted exotic-themed popsicles just for the event, such as Vietnamese Coffee, Thai Lime Basil, and Mango Creamsicle.


Streetpops are always POPular.

Asian performers entertained the crowd, some with music, some demonstrating martial arts or dance. It was an added touch to see many people wearing authentic dress around the festival as well.

Asian Food Fest was topped off with a magnificent fireworks show from Rozzi's set up near the Roebling Suspension Bridge. If you missed out on today's festivities, you're in luck! Asian Food Fest continues on Sunday, May 19th from 1:00PM - 9:00PM.