Our third stop of our tour of Friday Fish Fries, led us to the legendary Alabama Fish Bar in Over The Rhine. An inner city institution for over 15 years, this quick service eatery is the Queen City equivalent to Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi" restaurant. Any neighborhood joint comes with a lot of character; if you're not a regular, you'll stand out. In our experience, our first-timers received a warm welcome from the manager, who offered us samples of each of their three fishes as we decided on what to order.

#FFFCincy Rating:
4 of 5 Fishies


Fried Cod before garnishing
Fried Cod doused with hot sauce, peppers & onions, homemade tartar sauce, plus a side of coleslaw.

Alabama Fish Bar keeps things simple: cod, perch, or whiting, fries, and coleslaw. Your order is passed to you to garnish with condiments, then handed back to the server who wraps it up in a to-go bag. Being too slow in the condiment queue? The other customers will let you know. Try to bag your meal yourself? It will get snatched away from you and wrapped by the staff. And when asked if you want peppers & onions, the answer is always, always yes.

You know a place is good when the line wraps outside the door.
Samples of Whiting (top), Cod (bottom) and Perch (right).
It's cash only, and all the prices end in 99 cents.
The cashier has a stack of pennies ready to go.
The regulars recommended smothering in hot sauce... great suggestion for making it spicy delicious!
Condiments are a must.
Always say yes to peppers and onions!
All the bags, ready to go.
Stuffing and wrapping up the order.


As a walk-up restaurant, there is no seating at Alabama Fish Bar, so we dined at our friends' house nearby. The Wilcoxes were kind enough to host.

Thick, flaky Cod.
The Wilcoxes' puppies envy Randy's dinner.
For dessert, Maureen made us Talenti ice cream cones.
Randy and Maddie, the social butterfly.

Alabama Fish Bar is located at 1605 Race Street, Cincinnati. Open 11:00am - 9:00pm, Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.
Take-away eatery: no seating or tables. Cash only. No beer. No desserts. Menu.

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Follow our Friday Fish Fry adventures on Twitter: #FFFCincy