Wherever there is an event that revolves around beer, one can bet it's prime time for people watching. Just ask fellow blogger, udandi, who captured this gem during Cincy Beerfest a few weeks ago:

"BeerFest is a great time but if you find yourself passed out on a pole, 
hopefully your friend bought the Designated Driver ticket and will get you home before a blogger snaps your photo..."

During Bockfest, my friend and I opted to take the complimentary shuttle to get from Downtown to OTR. Much like Metro Bus 17, (which runs by the weekend party venues on Vine Street through Downtown, OTR, Clifton and beyond) the Bockfest Shuttle joined in the namesake "The Drunk Bus" as it carted around beer-lovers between Bockfest Hall and the neighborhood bars.

Check out the shenanigans we spotted during our ride:

Stumbling around on the bus between stops.
Would have made my elementary school bus driver blow a whistle and holler "Sit down and shut up!"
11:00PM:  Line at Japp's wrapping around the block towards Neon's
1:00AM: Still queuing outside of Japp's.
Two police cars arrive at Grammar's.
Tent of portalets at Bockfest Hall.
Two drunk men awkwardly hugging for 10 minutes outside Bockfest Hall while girlfriend waits in the doorway.