Leapin' Lizard Lounge in Covington was transported back to 1989 in celebration of a high school prom. Guests were encouraged to wear 80s attire and became part of a live theatrical production, just as if they were characters in their favorite coming-of-age movie.

My 80s high school stereotype outfit: The Goth Chick
D.A.R.E. signage for a drug free prom!
Decor inside Leapin' Lizard

The Awesome 80s Prom was fashioned as interactive improv theatre, where a story unfolds as the cast mingles with the audience. In true high school spirit, the plot centered on the battle for Prom Queen between the popular girl and the underdog. Simultaneously, another tale took place as the awkward girl pined after the football captain, all while the class nerd adored her from afar.

A throwdown between the two Prom Queen candidates:
Whitley, the head cheerleader, and Dickie, the flamboyant underdog.

Louis, the nerd, professes his love for Kerrie, the awkward girl.

These main characters were complimented by the rest of the cast of high school sitcom characters including: the Asian exchange student, the voluptuous Swedish student, the loud fat guy, several cheerleaders named Heather, the George H. W. Bush-loving class president,  and of course, the grumpy principal.

Beef, the fat loud guy, hits it off with the Heathers.
Principal Snelgrove is fed up with the prom shenanigans... like putting a cherry bomb in the toilet.
By the end of the night, Principal Snelgrove untucked his shirt, pulled out a flask, and got drunk with Beef.

In addition to the show, the  DJ spun all the pop hits from the 80s and also included an appearance by MC Hammer. Gourmet cupcakes were served, and a full bar offered a variety of classic and creative cocktails. The evening was highlighted by a series of well-choreographed group dances including Thriller, conga lines, and capped off with an 80s classic: the Lifetouch photo booth.

Raspberry, rainbow, and chocolate buttercream cupcakes.
The whole crowd dancing to Thriller.
Lining up the nominees to announce Prom King & Queen.
"Having the time of my life..."

Presented by MartinE Productions, The Awesome 80s Prom was a blast and a unique way to spent a Friday evening. I'm looking forward to what themed event these folks come up with next!