Each Friday during Lent, our group of fish-minded friends gather to check out some of Cincinnati's most outstanding fish fries. While only a few of us are Catholic, the majority get together to try something new and explore different parts of the city. Armed with our Friday Fish Fry Passports, we collect signatures from the pastors of each venue we visit, take notes on the meal, and rank the quality on a scale of one to five Fishies.

For our first week, we visited Knights of Columbus in Ludlow, Kentucky. Known for their beer battered cod and fried mushrooms, this brotherhood showed us the hospitality of a small river town.

#FFFCincy Rating:

4 of 5 Fishies

Beer-battered Cod on rye, cole slaw, mac-n-cheese, fried mushrooms.
A most popular fish fry, Fred, at the end of the table, passed out free beers as the line wrapped around the room.

Free beer and baby buggies. That's how we roll in Ludlow.
We discovered that our tablemates were Ludlow Councilwoman Joyce McMullin and her husband.
They were so much fun to chat with, and taught us all about Ludlow!
Joyce had the chicken dinner... which was an entire hen!
The fried mushrooms were amazing and elicited many of these reactions.
The Cod was gigantic, flaky, fresh, and delicious.
A tasty dilemma: the fish fillets were HUGE!
Dozens of homemade desserts made by adorable little old ladies.
Brownies, cakes, and pies galore! Only $1.00 each.
Apple Pie
Orange Dreamcicle Cake and Texas Pound Cake
(Both were incredible, and served in a handy to-go box.)

Knights of Columbus - Ludlow hosts their fish fry from 4:30PM - 7:30PM every Friday during Lent. If you weren't already intrigued, they also do a fish fry throughout the year on the first Friday of each month. In addition to fish, they also serve shrimp, chicken and steak dinners. Check out the menu.

Free parking lot, generous spaces. Cash only.

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