"Innocence is only wisdom in a world without evil." 

Doubt: A Parable, the newest play presented by Falcon Theatre, tells the story of accusation in the Catholic church during the 1960s. Sister James, a young, naive teacher meets with her senior, Sister Aloysius and discussion ensues abut a passing observation made of Father Flynn and one of James's students, Donald Miller. The charming, glossy-eyed Father seems to be a little too friendly with the boys at the school, and gossip soon spreads of his unconventional behavior.

Inappropriate or innocent? The audience is left to judge as the facts unravel about rumors and reputations.

As always, Falcon did a wonderful job of melding a lighthearted opening act into the thought-provoking plotline. Terry Gosdin (Father Flynn) was a perfect portrayal of the priest, with rosey cheeks and a gentle demeanor. Cathy Roesner (Sister Aloysius) and Brittany Smile (Sister James) gave a strong presentation of contrasting personalities, with Roesner's stern, disciplinary character dominating the show. This 90-minute mystery was topped off by an outstanding emotional performance by Brittany Grant, who played Mrs. Miller, the mother of Donald.

A peek into the well-known story of suspicion vs. character, Doubt: A Parable will entertain and raise an eyebrow.

Doubt: A Parable runs February 8 & 9, 15 & 16, 22 & 23 at 8:00PM at Falcon Theatre in Newport. Tickets are $17, or $15 for students and seniors.