Ah, the little chocolates served at The Arts events; I look forward to every intermission just to sample your treats.

Divine's European Chocolates is that infamous, tasty booth located in the lobby at Music Hall and at The Aronoff. Serving dozens of kinds of sweets during performances, there's something offered for everyone.

- Chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows
- Pieces of chocolate candy bars
- "Turtles" aka chocolate covered peanut and caramel clusters
- Chocolate covered strawberries
- Chocolate covered mints
- Chocolate covered cherries
- Chocolate covered peanuts
...and so much more!

The chocolate covered cherries were my first taste of Divine's. Luscious cherries covered in chocolate with a cherry hard candy shell. I've never been able to find a similar chocolate covered cherry in stores; they're a Divine original!

Whenever you're out enjoying the arts, look for the chocolate booth near the concessions. Skip the M&Ms and candy bars; you'll find a gourmet treat for your sweet tooth that's simply Divine.