Our first installment of the Cincinnati Incline Climb begins with the Mt. Adams Incline. Dating from 1876 - 1948, this was the incline that had the longest lifespan and also was the last of the five to be demolished. At the top of the incline was the resort named the Highland House, which at the time, was Cincinnati's most popular tourist attraction. As many as 8,000 visitors could be found drinking in the beer garden on a busy night. An apartment complex, Highland Towers, is currently built on the former land of the Highland House. Its structure was erected using salvaged materials from the demolished incline and resort. Remnants of the stone incline foundation still remain, most notably on the hillside across the street from City View Tavern.

Mt. Adams Incline via

Our day-long hike began at the historical placard for Mt. Adams Incline at 5th and Eggleston Street.  The goal was to climb from the base to the top of each of Cincinnati's five inclines before dark. Along the way, we snapped pictures of the remnants, including stone walls, wooden stringers, concrete with structural imprints, sheave wheels, and even old rail!


Hike Difficulty Level: ★  
Length: 975 feet
Height: 270 feet
Steepness / Grade:

One incline conquered, four more to go!