Folks headed to Redsfest weren't the only ones clad in crimson this weekend. Over 500 people dawned Santa attire and took to the streets of Downtown and Over The Rhine to join the largest holiday pub crawl: Santacon. Participants followed a live Twitter feed announcing when and where to drink next. The event lasted for 12 hours: noon to midnight.

Santa likes martinis.

While there were plenty of Santas with their hats hung by late afternoon, I caught up with some of Cincinnati's marathon celebrators that evening: ten hours and still ho-ho-going!

A lone Santa who had too much to drink.

Santas crowd the bar at Penguin Dueling Piano Bar

Ordering up another round.

Mr. Heat Miser

Holiday hats crowd Righteous Room
Santa also participated in the holiday bike ride

I made a tiny Santa hat for the evening