Animatronic snowmen. Dancing chipmunks. An airborne Santa Claus cracking an 18-strand whip of lights. These are just some of the amusements you can find at Gil Fessler's holiday light display.

Fessler, an ordinary citizen of Highland Heights, made a promise to his wife in 1952. If he made it out of the Korean War, he would make Christmas spectacular. The display started off with a few lights, then grew year after year. Soon, the neighborhood referred to him as Mr. Holiday.

All of the decorations are handmade by Fessler. Broom handles, drapery hangers, and an old jukebox motor were combined with pulleys and belts to animate the characters. The music is also engineered in-house, recorded on tape by Fessler which is then projected into the yard. With setup beginning on Halloween, the display is lit up from Thanksgiving through the end of January. Visit The House of Lights from 6:00pm - 10:00pm daily, located at 202 Knollwood Drive, Highland Heights.

Nowadays, with holiday displays consisting of inflatable yard creatures, it's a treat to stop by The House of Lights for some yuletide nostalgia. Regardless if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or simply enjoy twinkling things, you'll be humbled and amazed with this local kitsch.