December 5th marks the anniversary of the 21st Amendment: the repeal of Prohibition. The anti-liquor movement was led by the Women's Christian Temperance Union who believed alcohol was the cause of many social ills, such as crime, mental illness, poverty, and drunkenness. After 13 years, the criminalization of alcohol led to a rise in delinquency and organized crime. On December 5, 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt ratified the 21st Amendment and repealed Prohibition allowing Americans to once again enjoy a celebratory drink.

With its rich, German brewing (and beer drinking) heritage, Cincinnati suffered the loss of many local breweries during Prohibition. At one time, there were 136 drinking establishments on Vine Street alone; that's just from the river to the bottom of the hill.

Jim Bruckman presents Foam Sweet Foam

In remembrance of the Queen City's traditions, Cincinnati Heritage Programs created a presentation about Cincinnati beer: Foam Sweet Foam. Performed by Jim Bruckman, descendant of Brucks Beer, guests had the opportunity to hear about bootleggers, listen to period music, and see buttons and posters from the Prohibition era for both the Wet and Dry parties.

My favorite part was when Bruckman danced along to one of the brewing songs.

Celebrate the 79th anniversary of National Repeal Day by having a drink at your favorite local pub, and raise a glass to those who once paved the way.