Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation featuring author Howard McEwen speak about his latest novel:
Wrath - The Life and Assassination of a United States Governor.

William Goebel, a politician from Covington, Kentucky, was the only Governor ever to be assassinated in office. Wrath explores and contrasts the upbringing of Goebel and his assassin from boyhood to an adult. While their paths did not cross until the night of the assassination, McEwen finds symmetry in the characters and transitions their stories back and forth with ease.

Based on a true story that takes place in post Civil War Kentucky, I was fascinated with hearing familiar street names, landmarks, and politicians of the era. Drive past some of the settings today and you will find historical placards marking the Stevenson house or the spot where Goebel fell when shot. With McEwen's top notch imagery and character development, I keep expecting to see a smug Goebel coming around the corner whenever I walk through Covington.

One of my most recent late night page turners, Wrath illustrates how hard upbringings can sculpt a man's outlook on society. I found myself sympathizing with and cheering for Goebel throughout his struggle and his ruthless yet passionate rise to power. Intrigued? Get a copy of Wrath and see for yourself.