My friend Jeff, author of the blog A Dork and His Pork, hosted a small rendezvous to share his new recipe: made from scratch pizza pies.

Each guest had personal sized pizza made from hand-tossed dough and freshly prepared sauce. Everyone was responsible for bringing their own ingredients. I selected sweet peppers, mozzarella, and bacon, while others brought specialties like fig, goat cheese, and pineapple. I was fortunate enough to try a few bites of each.

Like everything that comes out of Jeff's kitchen, the pizzas were extraordinary! He perfected the method of toasting the bottom of the crust in a frying pan, then baking it in the broiler for a few minutes. This resulted in a crisp, solid crust with molten, savory toppings.

Jeff also treated us with homemade gherkins that put all other pickles to shame. You can find the recipe on his blog.