Prepare yourself for a lid-poppin' good time! Sealed For Freshness, a comedy about Tupperware, runs from October 18 -27 at Newport's Falcon Theatre.

Starring an eclectic cast of ladies, the play takes a light-hearted approach to the personal problems of five women in the 1960s, all taking place in the social circle of a Tupperware party.


At first, I thought I'd be watching a show about "Gosh Golly Gee Mary Sues" acting like dainty 60s stereotypes. That all went out the window after the introduction of the character Sinclair, played by Rebecca Wiesman. A boisterous antagonist, Sinclair is like the Roseanne Conner of 2012, with a foul mouth, drinking problem, and could-care-less attitude. I could just picture passing by her in a Wal-Mart with her five children in tow.



Hilarity ensues as the Tupperware party turns to discussion of criticizing women with a career, husbands having affairs, dissatisfaction with being a stay-at-home mom, and bra-burning hippies.

A fresh, bold comedy, this season opener for Falcon Theatre is anything but plastic.