Did you know that Music Hall is one of the most haunted landmarks in America? 

During the 1820s, a hospital and lunatic asylum were located across the street from Music Hall, where the present day CET building resides. Around this time, a cholera epidemic struck Cincinnati resulting in a large number of orphans. The Music Hall property became the Orphan Asylum and a structure used to isolate people with infectious diseases. The land was also used as a paupers' graveyard, to bury those who died in the hospital (or asylums) without any known relatives. As this area was considered to be the outskirts of the city, the deceased were not buried in coffins but instead bundled up and dropped into the ground.

Not sure what I captured here. I was the first in our group to enter the empty ballroom.
Does anyone else see the figure on the left behind the tables?

Hauntings have been recorded as far back as 1876 when the facility served as an Exhibition Hall. Bodies were unearthed during construction of an elevator, which were promptly reburied back underneath the building upon completion of the project. A century later in the 1980s, repairs were being made on the same elevator and the bones were dug up again. The remains of over 63 unidentified people were found beneath the elevator shaft.

Inside the haunted elevator shaft.

Are you spooked? Intrigued? Then you definitely need to take this tour to find out more.

Led by Scott Santangelo, the Music Hall Director of Operations, and Judy, founder of Cincinnati Research & Paranormal Studies, guests get a tour filled with historical knowledge of Music Hall and stories backed with evidence from ghostly encounters that Judy and her team have experienced.

There are also security guards and retired personnel on hand to tell of their first-hand encounters with the paranormal activity happening after hours.

Security guards have reported seeing an apparition at the top of the north stairwell.
One of these box seats is reported to be haunted by a deceased patron.

From chandeliers crashing, to the sounds of a full-on brawl, to sightings of a dark shrouded mist traveling through the prop room; Cincinnati's classical music venue is easily one of the most frightening places you'll cross at night.

The prop room, where an eerie mist travels through.

Sounds of chandeliers crashing can be heard throughout Music Hall.

View from the balcony, lights on.

Same balcony view, lights off.