We all know that Covington can be a bit spooky with the shirtless locals wandering the streets. But did you know that part of this city is rich in Civil War era history?

Haunted Covington, presented by American Legacy Tours, takes guests on a five block journey through the Licking Riverside Historic District featuring ghost stories that date back to the 1880s.

The ghost of Amos Shinkle's wife, Sarah, haunts this house on Garrard Street.
Shinkle was president of the Roebling Suspension Bridge Company in 1864.

Full moon over Newport.

Full moon over Newport, with pillars of the court house peaking through the trees.

Governor's Point condominiums, formerly the Booth Hospital,
has reports of patients walking around in hospital gowns and apparitions from the psychiatric ward.

The ghost of Henry Bruce haunts this house on horseback, as he fled from police after posting bail for Confederate tyrant, John Hunt Morgan.
The scientist who invented Valium was impaled by an iron fence after falling over the balcony at this house along Riverside Drive.
His wife strangely took over an hour to call the police.

The tour concludes with a visit to the Baker-Hunt Museum. Both buildings feature gorgeous Victorian architecture and many artifacts, furniture, and clothes left from the family's estate. One building is reportedly haunted by a young boy named Duncan, who has been known to interact with guests on the tour.


If you're looking for a Halloween adventure with spooky folktales and beautiful autumn scenery, a tour of Haunted Covington is a must-see this season.