If your Friday nights are missing some blow-by-blow action, it's time to visit Brazee Street Studios, home to Queen City Glass Arts in Oakley.

Each month, the collective hosts a public demonstration of glass blowing and sculpting. A different theme is selected for their team to design, and is then auctioned off to benefit a charitable organization. The art that is create is a collaborative piece. Past sculptures have included a fire truck for Cincinnati Fire Department, a giant cornucopia for Freestore Foodbank, or a doll for a children's charity.



As the glass sculptures are made, guests enjoy wine and appetizers, and are encouraged to walk around Brazee to check out their gift shop and other work spaces.

A variety of pre-made glass art is available for purchase. There are also opportunities for the public to take glass blowing classes, which are offered at every skill level.

Back in the main room, the glass sculptures come together in about two hours with blow-by-blow commentary from an announcer.


Start your Friday night right and get blown away with Queen City Glass Arts.