The lovely Miss Molly Wellmann invited me to a mead tasting at Japp's featuring a fellow who flew all the way from Colorado to share his brew with us. David, the mead connoisseur, told us about the origin of mead, the fermentation process, and the different flavors of each sample. Our group tasted six varieties hinted with different notes from sweet to carbonated to oakey.


My favorite was the Winter Solstice Mead, which had a creamy vanilla taste with hints of cinnamon. The Traditional Mountain Honey Wine was next, as it was the simple sweet mead that goes hand-in-hand with autumn.

Fun Mead Facts:
 - Mead is the world's oldest beverage; older than both beer or wine. It dates back to a prehistoric cave painting found in Spain.
 - The word "honeymoon" originates from mead. Back in the day, couples drank honey wine for the period of one full lunar cycle, which was said to ensure the birth of a male heir.
 - It takes 360 lbs. of honey to make one batch of mead.

Redstone Meadery is launching its product line in Ohio soon, but for now you can find it at Japp's being served by the glass or mixed in a cocktail.