On the third Saturday of August, City Flea set up shop in Washington Park. Dozens of vendors line the event lawn in tents, with food trucks parked along the street, live music and street performers. It's like a giant Etsy store outdoors (and we all know us Etsy addicts could benefit from some sunlight.)

My favorite thing about City Flea is running into friends. It's like the Cheers of street fairs. You'll see your friends that biked from Downtown, pals that drove in from the suburbs, or even your favorite local bartender taking in the event. 

Most of all, I enjoy perusing the wares of creative crafters, such as: Lily In Flux, The Lovely Teaspoon, Riff Raff Initiative, VintageLiz, Chocolats Latour, Streetpops, and more.

Cincinnati art by Riff Raff Initiative


Shirts designed by 10 year old Adin and his brother Riah.