The World Choir Games have taken Cincinnati by storm! From free concerts at local parks to the intense competitions of champions, we have sincerely earned the moniker, "The City That Sings."

Choral festivities began Wednesday with a free Friendship Concert at Smale Riverfront Park featuring performers from Turkey, China, and Nigeria.

A lawn full of spectators.
The entire Zhuhai, China choir sat by me during the show.
Boğaziçi Jazz Choir from Turkey

Be sure to watch this performance for the surprise at the end!

Zhuhai High School Choir from China

Lagos City Chorale from Nigeria

En route home, I strolled passed a group competing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who were belting out The Beatles in the Blue Wisp Jazz Club.

Gold Company from Kalamazoo, Michigan

Four choirs, four different countries, four different continents. And that was just Wednesday.