On July 5th, Cincinnati got its first glimpse of the astonishing makeover of Washington Park.

Dating back to 1810, the land originated as the city's cemetery. In 1855, remains were exhumed and the space was transformed into a community park. Today, many of the features and historical artifacts have been incorporated into the new layout.

Panorama of the opening ceremony.

All sorts of people were in attendance.

Mukunoki Children's Choir from Gifu, Japan, Cincinnati's sister city.

Mukunoki Children's Choir presented Mayor Mallory with a much-needed Japanese fan.

Cutting the ribbon.

Protesters against the rehabilitation of  Washington Park.

A crowd gathers as the fountains are turned on for the first time.
With the QR Code, one can select classical music to be played over the Muzak speakers at the park.
130 pop up jets are synchronized to music and lights.

OTR Flags: 100 silk flags that were hand-painted by the community to decorate the bandstand.

My OTR Flag: the abandoned subway tunnels.

Indonesian choir serenades the crowd with Adele's Rollin' In The Deep.

Three headstones discovered during the 2012 renovation, dating back to the 1830s.
Friedrich Hecker Memorial

Cannon dating back to the Civil War.